Replies To Investors Forum At Shareinvestor.Com

Dec 02, 2003

Further to the Company's announcement made on 24 November 2003, our replies to some of the questions are set out below:

1 Figures from the IPO prospectus suggest that $36.9m worth of contract has been secured this year to early AUG...... Including the 3 contracts just announced....


Total=$42.2m (Amount to 69% of FY 02 T/OVER)

2(i) Can you comment on your share price. Do you feel it reflects your fundamentals? If not, can you share with us what are your investment merits?

2(ii) Its been a few months after your IPO, may I know if you are happy with your deployment of the IPO proceeds so far?

2(iii) Noticed your margins are always quite tight at NP after tax against the total sales. What are the management strategies towards raising this profit margin?

3 How come Kingsmen is so quiet after the IPO launch? Why din i see alot of news about it? And now the share price has been going down and there is little activity in the trading. I wonder how is the mgnt's view on this. Going forward, what exciting plans do the mgnt has in store for the company?

4 Which are target market segment most likely to boost the company top line?

The Board of Directors of Kingsmen Creatives Ltd is pleased to announce that replies to the other questions on the online Q&A forum have been posted on

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